Monday, March 13, 2017

March 13, 2017 (Hermana Fitzpatrick's birthday!)


The hour has come for the last letter home. I honestly can`t believe it. It still doesn`t feel real. But, this week on Thursday I fly to Iquitos so I really only have until Wednesday in my area here in Pucallpa. It really is bittersweet and really odd to think that it is coming to an end. I feel ready but at the same time I don`t want it to end.

Russ told me that the last week can have some miracles and I can echo that thought because I pretty much already had my last week and I was so full of gratitude and love for my Savior. Well, we had another surprise opportunity to give talks this Sunday. At least this time they told us when we got to church and not when they were announcing the speakers. I was able to bear my testimony of the Savior and how much I love Him. What an honor it was for my last Sunday in my ward. And this week we had the baptism and confirmation of Hno Jose. It was such a blessing and miracle to be part of his conversion. This man wanted nothing to do with the church for years and then didn`t want to commit to a baptismal date for more than a year! What an incredible change of heart he has had, I know that his wife will follow his faithful example. 

Well, I will be home next week. I don`t think I will write next week so don`t worry about writing me. I will just tell you all in person. 

I love you all so, so much and I love my Savior and His gospel that I will have the pleasure of sharing this last week in my mission. 

See you soon!

Hermana Fitzpatrick

Monday, March 6, 2017

March 6, 2017

I was able to activate my card thank you!!!

- Peruvian piñata umisha about to fall

I am SO proud of everyone this week. What a stellar week for the Fitzpatrick Fam! 

- sunny days

Well, it was also a pretty good week here! I just wanted to share a miracle that has made my week:

Since I got here to Pucallpa we had been visiting the parents of a missionary serving from the ward. They aren´t members but have been receiving the missionaries for more than a year! The wife has always been more receptive and they both listen and read but would not commit to a date to get baptized. The husband just had a lot of doubts and didn´t want to and the wife didn´t want to get baptized without him. It had been so frustrating to just keep visiting them for almost three months with nothing. So, we decided to drop them and not visit for a while. Then, last week I felt like we should just stop by and see them. We found the husband and just chatted for a little bit and then he asked us why we hadn´t been coming anymore. He had missed our visits and had kept reading his Book of Mormon. I commented that I was going to leave soon and shock of all shocks José, the hardest of investigators, is going to be baptized this Friday!! What a blessing. Seriously the most blessed I have felt in my mission/life. Just to see how his countenance and attitude have changed in the days since he made that decision has been a testimony builder to me! He just looks lighter and brighter. He is so firm in his decision and even though his wife is not going to be baptized he is going forward solo. Such a great man. Photos coming soon. 

We also had the baptism of Hna Zoraida and it was so great because I loved her testimony where she shared that we invited her to pray and she prayed and received the answer that it was true! It´s that simple! Although she doesn´t know everything she is going forward with faith!!

- bringing the chicken to church

Love you all! See you soon! 

Hermana Fitzpatrick

Monday, February 20, 2017

February 20, 2017

We took a little visit this week to Parque Natural, the zoo here. We saw some lions, tigers, and pumas. Oh my! And some sweet little monkeys and parrots. Fun thing about zoos here are that you can get really close to the animals! You can even touch a monkey. I almost got bit by the little otter thing they had. Who knew those things are ferocious? But we had a good time. Technically the zoo is part of our area so we did some proselyting too. 

This week was kind of a blur but we had some progress with Zoraida and her son and we are going to see if we have a baptism this week! I really am praying that we can because it would be Hna Vera`s first baptism here. 

Things are going by so quickly and I am really just trying to hang on but that`s really all that happened this week. 

President also came and we had a zone conference and interviews. It was the quickest interview of my life! He just asked me how much time I had and then congratulated me and said we would see each in a couple weeks for my final interview! Whoa Pres! Not there yet! But, we are getting there. Officially a month from today. 

We also have a new bishop!! It was a big surprise this week in church but I really think it will help the ward come alive a little bit. I am really hoping because 50 at church is heartbreaking. 

Love you all! See you next week!

Hermana Fitzpatrick

Monday, February 13, 2017

February 13, 2017

Wow this week was really long and went by fast. How about that?

We had changes and I....stayed in Pucallpa and stayed with Hna Vera. I am happy I will be able to finish out here. I am hoping we can help some people reach baptism before I leave. 

It was a HOT week. So incredibly hot I thought I was going to melt. Mornings are typically hard to work because it is hot and people aren`t really home but man it was hot this week! The sun beats down really hard here in Pucallpa and we are both sunburned pretty bad after this week but, we woke to finally some rain today and a cloudy day. 

- sunset on the main road

We have been contacting a lot this week trying to find new people. I like knocking doors because you just never know who is going to be on the other side! I used to be afraid of whether they would say no but now it doesn`t really get to me. There is always another house! We have met some interesting characters contacting and we are going to see how it goes this week.

We were in Sacrament meeting this week. Which, by the way is supposed to start at 8:00 but started at 8:30. The Bishop was announcing the talks after the sacrament and just so happened to mention the missionaries! Oh, that´s us! So we gave talks on Sunday. Didn´t know that was going to happen but I talked about keeping the commandments. It really is the way to happiness and peace!

We also had a mission night in the ward and had some references from that. It was like a family home evening but in the chapel. Refreshment - a hot dog wrapped in a buttery pastry. Super delicious. 10/10 would try again. 

I am doing well. I feel ready for another week to start. New faces and new places to go is always refreshing. 

- working some new braids and thinking of you mom

 - Chilenito made a picture of me with my pigtail braids

 I love you all! See you next week!

Hermana Fitzpatrick

Monday, February 6, 2017

February 6, 2017

Well, well, well,

Sorry about last week. Not a lot going on but I will try to be more specific this week. 

Oh man, let`s just start with the big guy. So, golden family that we walked into the house and told us they wanted to get married and baptized has had some REAL challenges in their papers. And, I have had to do everything which has been a little stressful. First, we couldn`t find their birth certificates because both of them were born in little pueblos on the river. So, we went into some deep investigation coordinated with some people with some boats and, miracle after miracle, we got the birth certificates! Thought the coast was clear. Turns out it was not. Went to the municipalidad because the hermano had been married before and we had to get a copy of his divorce for his new marriage. Well, shocker of all shockers, there was no divorce. He is still married and divorces take a lot of time to get through. Oh man. We were discouraged. Thought that it was done for for February. Then, we went one last time to the municipalidad and checked with the lawyers and they found that he had a separation! but not a divorce...yet. They had done everything but the last step. Another couple of miracles and the divorce is being processed and we are on track! Deep breath, forehead wipe, and we are still going. We have had a lot of challenges with this wedding that have nothing to do with their conversion or desire to get married and be baptized and it has really been evidence of opposition in all things. But, we have also had so much divine help and little coincidences that aren`t coincidences at all that I know Heavenly Father is in the details of our lives. 

We also started auto pensioning breakfast and dinner this week and it has been delightful! Getting to decide what I want to eat, how much I want to eat, and take my time to do it has been great. I just felt a special peace in the morning in my studies as I was able to eliminate that small stress and really focus on the Spirit and meditating and learning. 

 - a little turtle we are hoping to eat soon!

 -this is a cholao - what is it? we aren`t sure either but it was yummy 

 -eating a cholao

I really liked a mission president`s quote that I found in a Liahona this week about the five things we have to eliminate as missionaries (and people) so that our faith can be efficient:
-lack of diligence
It really is so true, not just for missionaries but for everyone. I can feel the Spirit working more tangibly and actively in my life when I distance myself from these things.

- ward activity this week playing volleyball- this is literally more people than show up at church

 - Zoraida went to church! with her son!

I have enjoyed reading Jesus the Christ and the New Testament and I have been reading about the apostles. One thing that has called my attention is the imperfectness of the apostles and their lack of understanding of Christ`s mission even though he was there and with them. They were simple men, called of God and fulfilled their office to the best of their ability, but sometimes failed in their responsibilities because of their own frailties. I have learned especially as a missionary that we all have our weaknesses and the gospel really is taught by the small and simple but each missionary is called of God. I really liked the conference we had with the general authorities because Elder Bednar basically told us to stop feeling bad about not being good enough and to just do what we can and it is good enough. It was something that I needed to hear and I have been reflecting on what is ¨good enough¨ for the Lord. It`s really hard to know that but the Lord always lets us feel His love even when we aren`t ¨good enough¨ by the world´s standards. I am so grateful for His grace and His love.

Today I enter into my last six week transfer as a missionary. Wow. That is weird to even type or think. I don`t know where I will end or who I will be with but someone asked me this week what I want to achieve in this last transfer. I don`t think it`s something you achieve in one last transfer, it`s something you achieve throughout your whole mission but I just want to take advantage of every last second that I have here in Peru as a set apart representative of Jesus Christ and His church. That is my joy and privilege-

-walking down the street at sunset

Hope that was a little more informative. I love you all and will talk to you soon

Hermana Fitzpatrick

Monday, January 30, 2017

January 30, 2017

This week was good.

Time is flying and we are already in the last week of the change.

We had big news on the mission front. Big changes! The whole schedule and agenda and indicators have changed. We had a great worldwide training with some apostles and other general authorities. It should be a big change but I am excited I think it will be better. 

Not much else. Just lots of rain and lots of fun! 

 Love you all!

Hermana Fitzpatrick

Monday, January 23, 2017

January 23, 2017


Just a little spiritual experience we had this week. We have been contacting like crazy trying to find new people. We were passing by this house and I felt like we should contact. The lady lied to us and didn`t want anything but we contacted the house next door. This young woman opened the door totally surprised and told us - I`ve seen your movie! We were like what movie? Turns out she had gone to buy a movie from one of the thousands of people that sell pirated movies and ended up buying Saratov Approach! It`s a movie about missionaries in Russia that are kidnapped. She had moved to Pucallpa from a little town on the river and had never seen missionaries but because of that movie she was interested in hearing us. She listened to us and told us - I think you came in just the right moment. The Holy Ghost is the best guide.

Raining a lot. Lots of mud but having fun,.

Got a call from Pres. last Monday at 10:34 pm and Hermana Lazarte had changes! Surprise changes but she went to Tarapoto! Ahhh I miss it so much! But she left Tuesday and Hermana Vera and I are here. Things are going well.

Much love

Hermana Fitzpatrick